Journées de Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs 2018

The “Field and Particles” and “Nuclear Physics” divisions of the French Physics Society (SFP) jointly organize the Journées de Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs 2018 conference, aiming at gathering young researchers in their second or third year of PhD thesis, as well as first-year PhD students and young post-doc researchers.

The conference will be held at the "village vacances VVF" at Lège-Cap-Ferret, in the Gironde department, from October 14th to October 20th, 2018.

This conference is a very good opportunity for the participants to share their research work and get an overview of the latest research developments achieved in his/her field, within a nice and laid-back environment.

Research topics covered by the JRJC 2018 conference are the following:

  • astroparticle physics
  • nuclear astrophysics
  • beyond standard model
  • cosmology
  • nuclear energy
  • instrumentation
  • medical physics
  • electroweak standard model
  • neutrinos
  • hadronic physics
  • flavor physics
  • nuclear structure

The programme can be accessed here.

The official language of the JRJC concerence is French, but non-french-speaking participants can present and discuss their contributions in English.

The social programme includes, beyond an excursion in the nearby area, an invited public seminar on a scientific subject beyond the topics of the conference.

If you intend to participate to the JRJC 2018 conference, please fill in the electronic registration form available at:

Please register as soon as possible, registrations are open until September 24th! Should you experience any problems while registering, please send a copy of the registration form via e-mail or fax to the conference secretary office (see Organisation page). Don’t hesitate to contact the secretary office or any members of the organization committee to get further information or assistance.

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